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January Construction Update

Lilac Station Sliding into the New Year

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It's 2023 – the year we're opening! We are thrilled to open this year and hope that you – yes, you – will apply to live with us.

We aren't open just yet, but we can keep you up to date on our progress. Many of our updates come from the fourth floor, meaning that we are *this* close to completion! 

But first, let's start with our progress down under. The parking garage heater installation is complete and ready for electricity. The generator has been tested and is functional.

Now to the first floor! The elevator's permanent motors have been installed, and the tile installation in the art hallway is complete. The exit lighting on the first floor has also been completed.

The painting of stairwell two and the furnaces installed on the tried floor are both finished. The real action begins on the fourth floor! Shower panel and door installation has been completed on the fourth floor, and cabinet installation is still ongoing. The hallway lighting fixtures and furnaces will be installed as well.

We are continuously working at Lilac Station in order to open this year. With that said, we only have a few more construction updates to share with you before we proudly open! Keep an eye out for our lovely construction updates during February.

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Exterior of a Building
Exterior of a Building

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